REVIEWS: Juicy-O! (Downers Grove, IL)

It’s amazing how quickly an hour passes by in IKEA. Yesterday we made the trek to Bolingbrook to visit the place of my people (I’m half Swedish). Even though I had already written out my short list of items I needed to buy, getting sucked into admiring the extremely organized example living spaces easily makes a “quick trip” at IKEA last an hour.

All of us were ready for a late brunch after our shopping trip. We were less than 20 minutes away from Juicy-O in Downers Grove, and it was on our way home. It was Saturday at about 11:30, and we were seated at a table right away. Deciding what to order was no easy task. Their menu offers so many options, including gluten free! (I’m allergic.)

My husband got the Southern Comfort dish, our daughter got the Waffle-O-Rama (Belgium waffle with eggs, sausage & bacon), and I got the gluten free pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon and hash browns. Talk about a feast. So delicious! My daughter and I couldn’t finish our meals, and ended up bringing half of our plates home. For the first time ever, my husband didn’t finish his meal, and he was full! He’s the guy that cleans his plate, and everyone else’s too. That says a lot for Juicy-O, you certainly get your money’s worth. And btw when I finished my leftovers this morning, I was stuffed for hours.

One of the cool things about Juicy-O is the free donuts. They bring out a bowl of warm donuts to the table, and they’ll refill the bowl if you ask. Which we did, although I wasn’t able to partake due to my gluten allergy. So essentially my husband ate an entire bowl of donuts, and my daughter ate one too. Safe to say the donuts are delicious!

I had also been to Juicy-O’s Naperville location, for a job interview. During that visit I had to exercise great restraint to not really dig in and clean my plate in front of the person who was interviewing me. The service & food at both locations was excellent.

I might just need to find a reason to head down to IKEA for more cool stuff, and accidentally on purpose wind up at Juicy-O too!